Winter Dreams
Character’s type/upbringing:                              


  • Dexter was poor when he was young
  • Strives to become rich and does
  • Wants everything from his woman
  • Wants to own her


  • Demanding
  • High maintenance
  • Is rich and wants to be in love with rich people
  • Is a fool

Great Gatsby


  • Grew up poor
  • Owned drugs stores
  • Became rich
  • Fell in love with a girl
  • A lot of his past comes between him
  • Doesn’t end up getting the girl
  • Dies


  • A fool
  • Rich
  • Wants to love people who are rich
  • Asks for a lot of things
  • Demanding

Both Winter Dreams and the Great Gatsby are both very similar from the characters point of view. Both main characters, Dexter and Gatsby, grew up in a poor lifestyle, and worked hard in order to become rich; Dexter through a laundry business and Gatsby through owning drug stores. They both meet very rich, high maintenance women who demand money from their men. In both of these stories the relationships between the two people are very hard, and both struggle to make it right. The difference towards the end is that Gatsby suffers the penalty of death, and Dexter manages to get away before anything happens.

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